Nightrave Greyhounds

Nightrave Greyhounds was founded in 2012 by Fatima Avdic and Rachel Rae to ensure that every greyhound had every chance of finding a perfect home after retirement..

Greyhounds are versatile dogs, highly intelligent, and highly trainable if you go about it the right way! The Nightrave dogs are all testament to this: our pet greyhounds have competed successfully in Rally-O, agility, and obedience, and in the breed show ring. Additionally our greyhounds have achieved awards in Canine Good Citizen, and performed diligently as Canine Friends over many years.

Nightrave rehomes greyhounds of all temperaments, and can help you meet a perfect dog for your family. 

Nightrave now has bases in Feilding, Waipukurau, Picton, and Christchurch. We offer greyhound adoptions, boarding for pet greyhounds (some locations only), obedience training for greyhounds in Feilding and Waipukurau, and tips and advice for housetraining, leashwalking and managing your pet greyhound. Please contact us on for more information.

Your hound can stay with us

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