Ready To Adopt?

Our adoption process is simple. If you think you are ready to adopt, please copy the questionnaire below into your email, messenger or a word document. Send us the answers on, or message our Facebook page.

The cost to adopt a greyhound from Nightrave is $425.00. Your new dog will be registered, desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Your new dog also comes with a collar and leash, and a muzzle. Coats are available to purchase at a discount when you adopt a new dog from Nightrave.

Please include some photos of your fencing, and any pics of your home which you think might be relevant. We may want to visit your home prior to approving your adoption.

Pre-Adoption Questionnaire

1. Who would the dog be for (you, family...)? Who else lives in the  household (flatmates etc)?

2. Did you own dogs before?

3. What other pets do you have - age, breed, temperament?

4. Do you work and what your typical day/week looks like?

5. Is your property suitably fenced? (Greyhounds typically don't jump  fences or dig under them; however, good fencing  of at least 1.4 meters high is necessary to ensure the welfare of the  dog). Please note that greyhounds don't need much space, so say, if  only back part of your section is fenced that is more than sufficient.

6. Where will your greyhound sleep at night?

7. Where will your greyhound spend most of their time?

8. What is your reason for adopting a retired racer? Have you done  research on the breed?

9. What type of greyhound do you believe would suit you and your family? (Age, temperament, sex - if there is a greyhound you have seen on Facebook, Trademe or our website which you feel will suit you please state this here also)

10. What types of activities do you plan to undertake with your new dog?

What is your name (first name and last name please), address and phone number?

Don't forget to include some photos of your fences.

We look forward to helping you meet your new greyhound family member.

Note that sending in your application indicates you are at least 18 years old and have read, and agree to, the adoption conditions below:

Conditions of Adoption

  • I will ensure, at my cost, that the dog remains registered with all appropriate authorities, as required by law or council regulation.
  • The dog will not be tethered, chained or tied up; it will be kept inside, or in a kennel or crate, or in a suitably fenced safe section.
  • The dog will be kept on leash at all times as required by local bylaws or other regulations. I understand that Nightrave recommends off-leash running only in secure, fenced environments; and that Nightrave does not recommend off-leashing greyhounds (or any dog!) in dog parks or on busy dog beaches. Off leash running should be undertaken AFTER recall training has been achieved.
  • I understand that I have free support from Nightrave, 24/7, for as long as I own the dog
  • The dog will not be used for any antiracing activity or antiracing propaganda (please note that Nightrave is proudly pro-racing)
  • I understand that the dog is not a rescue dog and will ensure it is not referred to as such by myself and members of my family.
  • I agree to return the dog to Nightrave should I no longer wish to remain the owner of the dog (unless it is adopted by another member of my family in which case I agree to inform Nightrave of the new owner's name and contact details.)
  • Should I wish to return the dog then I will transport the dog back myself, or arrange transport myself, covering any costs this incurs.

Your hound can stay with us

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