Notes for new owners: even if you've owned greyhonds before, or have them now, please have a good read of the new owner notes and come and ask us questions. We have supported over a thousand pet greyhounds in their homes; we really have seen it all; and the rules we have written here are to help youo and your new dog.

Cat Training Guide: Please read and come back with any questions. This really is the best way to introduce your greyhound to a cat.

Off Leashing Info: No we don't recommend off-leashing except in certain situations, and even then there is risk. Familiarise yourself with this. You wouldn't drive a high performance sports car at speed on most New Zealand highways - you shouldn't run your greyhound in most "off leash areas" for the exact same reason!

Hounds 4 Life! Podcast: Awesome training tips and information for potential, new and experienced greyhound owners - check it out!

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